Ms Samantha Ryder

Sam was nominated as Chair of the Governing Board in September 2017 and feels privileged to lead a board with such a wealth of skills and experience. She grew up in Northfield so was delighted to join the team at King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls back in 2013.

She hopes that during your child’s time at King Edward VI Northfield School for Girls, they will develop a life-long love of learning and a thirst for knowledge, which will not only help them to reach their potential academically, but will help them to become more resilient adults, and able to make better informed life choices.

She is highly experienced in management / finance with over twenty years experience as Managing Director / owner of a Birmingham based commercial insurance brokerage (regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority). She is driven, enthusiastic and dedicated to getting the best out of people. She has a B.Sc. (Jt. Hons.) in Accounting and Business Economics from Southampton University, and is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner.

In her spare time she enjoys trying to play league badminton, spending time with her husband and adult children, and walking her dog.