Year 6 Transition Zone

We believe that a smooth and positive transition from Year 6 to Year 7 is crucial to the start of each child’s secondary education. The aim of our transition process is for every student to move up to King Edward VI King’s Norton School for Boys feeling excited, confident and cared for. 

To achieve a positive transition, we feel that students and families should be fully informed about the process. We hope that you will all find the information in our Transition Zone useful and reassuring. This information will be constantly adapted and added to over the next couple of months. 

The aims of our ‘Transition Zone’ are: 

  • To reassure Year 6 students about their transition to King Edward VI King’s Norton School for Boys and to prepare them for secondary school life. 
  • To support parents and carers and provide them with all the information they need throughout the transition process. 

Useful Links

  • Please have a go at the booklet from Sparx maths which will revisit some of the key mathematical skills you have looked at during Year 6 and will prepare you for your maths lessons in Year 7. All the information on how to use this is all included within the booklet found HERE Enjoy! 

Transition contacts:

If you cannot find the answer to any questions you may have, please get in touch with us. Below is a list of useful contacts to help with your query: 

Senior Assistant Head Teacher in charge of Transition 

Ms V Bartlett (

Assistant Head Teacher KS3 Lead 

Dr S Mcintosh (

Head of Year 7 

Miss I Islam (


Mrs H Dowen (

Admissions Officer

Miss L Cummings (

Safeguarding Lead and Student Support Manager 

Miss T Boyce (

Pastoral Officer and Medical Needs Co-ordinator 

Mrs J Forth (