Travelling to school

King Edward VI King’s Norton School for Boys is fortunate to be located between Kings Norton, Northfield, Bournville and Cottridge which provide a fantastic public transport network, cycle routes, paths and green spaces.

There are many options for travelling to school by sustainable modes of transport and these are being actively promoted as part of the work on Eco-School awards, Bike It and the School Travel Plan.


Walking to school builds exercise into your daily routine, gives you time to catch up with friends and the feeling of independence.

If you live too far from school to walk the whole way, you could get dropped off outside the 10-minute walking zone shown on the map, or at a friend’s house that lives closer.

Public Transport

The West Midlands are well connected by a public transport network, making it easy to get around independently.

Using the bus or train is a great way to enjoy some independence and develop life skills that will open a world of possibilities.


Cycling is a popular way to travel to school as it is fast and free. We have places in school where you can safety and securely store your bike.

The best route by bike isn’t always the way you would travel by car, have a look at the map and plan your school cycle adventure.

Whether you live a few metres from school, or a few miles away, please consider alternative means of travelling to school whenever possible, and if you are coming by car, please consider ‘park-and-stride’ instead. By choosing to walk, cycle or use public transports you can help cut down on car pollution, ease traffic congestion and improve your own health.

Take a look at the travel map, plan your school travel adventure & let’s work together to create a safer and more sustainable environment.