Friday 26th January 2024

We are aware that some of our boys speak an additional language at home. We are in a position where those students can be entered for their additional language as a GCSE. If you have already expressed an interest in your son sitting an additional GCSE, we will text to say that we require no further action. However, if your son does speak an additional language, but we are not yet aware of this, and you would like him to sit a in this, then could you please let us know at the earliest opportunity. 

As we approach the final set of PPEs, attendance to period 6 sessions has never been more crucial. You can find the latest timetable here which will cover the final two weeks of half term.  

Year 11 students have been given their individual PPE timetables this week. You can also find the master PPE timetable attached here.  

We have had Elevate Education in again on Thursday to deliver their ‘Ace your Exams’ session to all of Year 11. Once again, this session has gone down very well, with 132 of 135 students stating that they would recommend it to a friend and 131 students stating that they got something valuable from the session. I would like to praise the conduct of the Year 11 students who were engaged throughout, and I am hoping they can implement some of the advice they have been given this week into their revision schedule moving forward.  

Whilst we don’t want to wish the months away, we have started our planning for this year’s Prom in conjunction with Kings Norton Girls School. This is always a well-attended event and one that signifies the end of five years at KNBS. Your son has received a Prom letter this week which has all the details for your perusal. I have attached an electronic version here. ParentPay should now be live for you to be able to pay a deposit if your son would like to attend. Please note that deposits will not be taken after Monday 5th February and your son will not be able to attend Prom once this closes. 

Key Dates 

Event Date 
Year 11 PPE 2 Tuesday 20th Feb – Friday 8th March 
Elevate Education Seminar 3 Friday 15th March 
Year 11 Full report Wb. 8th April (TBC) 
Summer GCSE Examinations begin Wb. 6th May 
Year 11 Prom 2024 Thursday 4th July 
Year 11 Celebration Event (in school – further details to follow) Wb. 15th July (specific date TBC)