Key Staff for Year 7

Below is a list of some the staff you will get to know when you are in Year 7. Make sure you get an opportunity to meet us all:

Mr Francis – Head of Year 7
Mrs Mucklow – Year 7 Link Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dowen – SENDCo
Mrs Boyce – Student Support Manager
Mr Julian – Head of Outdoor Education

Head of Year message

I am so pleased that you have chosen to become a member of our community here at King’s Norton Boys’ School and I am looking forward to meeting you on transition day. I will be your Head of Year at KNBS and my job will be to help you settle in and make sure that you get the most out of your time at secondary school.

You may be a little nervous about leaving primary school, but there is no need! You will make lots of new friends and try lots of exciting new subjects and activities. I will be encouraging you to work hard but also to join in with many of the activities KNBS has to offer, from Art clubs to Choirs, PE clubs to Science practicals. There is bound to be something you will want to join in with.

It would be really helpful to me if you could find a little bit of time over the summer holidays to write me a letter about you. I would love to know what your favourite subjects are and why, and what new subjects you are most looking forward to studying. Also, please tell me what activities and hobbies you enjoy outside of school. This will give me a little bit of background information about you.

Please send these letters via email to with the subject ‘Letter to Mr Francis’.

I very much look forward to seeing you on transition day and getting to know you more in September. I hope you have a lovely summer.

Best wishes,

Mr K Francis

Head of Year 7